Where to Buy What Quality Souvenirs in Istanbul

Actually, the question is not only what souvenirs to buy in Istanbul, but how to make sure the gifts are original and of excellent quality! With Istanbul’s vast history and different influences, you get easily overwhelmed while looking for a gift or a souvenir. Not in the least because you’ll run into a low quality souvenir shop or stand on almost every street corner.

Picture of souvenirs found in Selamlique.
Souvenirs found in Selamlique. © Photo by Selamlique

In this article, I will not only provide you with highly practical suggestions, but I’ll also tell you exactly where locals like me get the best quality for their money.


The products below come from various regions of Anatolia, so they reflect pure authenticity.

  • Turkish Bath accessories like 100% cotton towels and pestemals (hamam bath cloths), scrubbers, carved wooden clogs, copper bowl and soap cases.
  • 100% natural hand-made soaps which contain virgin olive oil with rose, oregano and other herbs.
  • Tribal mohair covers which are 100% hand spun goat hairs in natural colors.
  • Hand carved natural big soaps.
  • Fur covers made in patchwork design.
  • Hand woven spreads, cloths and covers.
  • Ethnic products such as accessories, dresses, shirts, felts, dowry cloths, which are all hand embroidered and more than 40-50 years old.

Address: Keseciler Caddesi No: 33-35, Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar), Eminönü – Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 514 45 25
Website: www.dervis.com


Haremlique specializes in high quality bed and bath linen products, sleepwear and other accessories offering Ottoman themes in elegant modern designs. The other specialty of the shop is Turkish coffee. You can find traditional flavor or different aromas like chocolate, cardamon, cinnamon or mastic.

This is the place to be, if you feel like taking back home stylish utilities for cooking Turkish coffee, like an elegant silver coffee pot, spoon, tray or coffee cups.

Address: Şair Nedim Bey Caddesi No:11, Akaretler, Beşiktaş – Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 236 38 43
Website: www.haremlique.com (for the linen range)www.selamliqueistanbul.com (for coffee & utilities)

Cem Lokmanhekim

Cem Lokmanhekim has been designing, manufacturing and selling his own jewelry since mid 90s. His unique, hand crafted and custom made designs are the essence of the admiration for him.

Address: Ihlamur Yolu 2/2, Nişantaşı – Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 231 50 65
Website: www.cemlokmanhekim.com.tr


Here are some tips to get a good board. The best wood type is walnut for longlasting usage. It generally comes in brown or black. Some have pearl inlay (sedef kakma) designs and they look quite authentic but the pearls may not always be authentic.

Turks love this ancient board game and have been charmed by it since the sixteenth century Ottoman times. You can get a backgammon set almost anywhere, especially around Eminönü, Tahtakale and Grand Bazaar. The following shop in Grand Bazaar is specialized in two items: backgammon boards and seramic hanging balls, mostly in tulip and infinity patterns.

Dilek Gift Shop / Mehmet Özyurt
Address: Halıcılar Caddesi No:26, Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar), Eminönü – Istanbul
Phone: +90 532 457 8676

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Last updated on 04/07/2015