Istanbul Transportation Map With Places of Interest

Istanbul Transit Map With Places of Interest

This Istanbul transportation map is geared toward tourists. To avoid confusion, it doesn't show every single line available in Istanbul. No, instead it only shows the most the important metro, tram, and funicular lines from a tourist's point of view. And to make finding your way in Istanbul even easier, I put the most common places of interest on the map as well. This way you … [Read more...]

Main Istanbul Metro, Tram and Funicular Lines for Tourists

T1 - Kabataş-Bağcılar Tramway Line in Istanbul, Turkey.

Here's a list of essential Istanbul metro, tram and funicular lines. For every line I highlight important places of interest it passes and the respective stop you have to get off to reach those. You'll also find the operating times and frequency. This is also by no means an overview of every public transportation line Istanbul has to offer, but merely the most interesting ones … [Read more...]