Top 10 Fish Restaurants in Istanbul

Picture of fish served in an Istanbul restaurant.

Time has come to recommend the ten best fish restaurants in Istanbul. Previously I already let you in on some secrets to pick a fresh fish, so now I'll share where you can consume their fresh catch. Some establishments are chic and elite, some are unpretentious and moderate. However, they are all experts and very skillful when it comes to preparing fish. They'll be a great … [Read more...]

Top 5 Esnaf Lokantası (Tradesman Restaurants) in Istanbul

Picture of dishes you can find in an esnaf lokantasi in Istanbul.

An Esnaf Lokantası (Tradesman Restaurant) offers a nice variety of dishes at very moderate prices. The emphasis lies on pleasing the regular customers, who are mostly working people. Some locals prefer to go there for breakfast before work, but most will visit an esnaf lokantası during the lunch break. Others stop by for dinner before they return home or a night out. In every … [Read more...]

What to Drink in Istanbul?

Picture of a bottle of Yeni rakı in Istanbul, Turkey.

In Istanbul you have a wide variety of local drinks to try out -- hot or cold, with or without alcohol. Some of them will sound and look familiar but come with a Turkish twist, such as tea or coffee. Others will be new to you and are well worth a try to please your taste buds. Among those are ayran, boza and other juices. In the alcoholic department, rakı is the undisputed … [Read more...]

A True Italian Pizza Restaurant In Istanbul

Picture of Miss Pizza, an authentic Italian restaurant in Cihangir, Istanbul.

Miss Pizza has been serving great wood-oven baked pizzas in Cihangir for over a decade. The menu consisting of more than 20 tastes of pizza is created with the assistance of a famous Italian chef. The range includes seafood, proscuitto (pork is very rarely found in restaurants in Istanbul), porcini mushrooms, and many other fresh and healthy ingredients. "Unlike Italy, … [Read more...]