Is the Asian Side of Istanbul Worth Visiting – Part 1

Yes, it is. But only if you’re in Istanbul for 4 days or more, or visiting this gorgeous Turkish metropolitan for the second time. Let’s not beat around the bush, with the huge concentration of (historical) sightseeing spots on the European side of Istanbul, the Asian shore is playing second fiddle to its European counterpart.

If you already have this ‘been there, done that’ feeling, then the Asian part offers a view of Istanbul and its inhabitants not found in Sultanahmet or Taksim. The best way to start exploring the Asian side of Istanbul is by taking a ferry to Kadıköy. Here are my favorite spots worth paying a visit in the different Istanbul!

Aerial view of the Kadıköy dock in Istanbul, Turkey.
Aerial view of the Kadıköy dock in Istanbul. © Photo by VikiPicture

Kadıköy Tuesday Market

Picture of market in Kadıköy, Istanbul.
Kadıköy market. © Vali

If you happen to be in town on a Tuesday or Friday, the famous Tuesday market is a remarkable spot for an adventure in the local market. Starting from 1969 the market place in Kadıköy was the sanctuary of the local shoppers. Naturally it grew with the city and the population. Finally in 2008 it moved from its traditional place in Altıyol to a modern forty thousand square meters area, with four thousand stalls and a car park in Fikirtepe.

Some of the locals still miss the historic market despite the (traffic) chaos it created. They say the new one does not have the same ambience. Yet some are really happy with the spacious new spot.

You can simply take a taxi to the market place which is about 3 km away from the ferry dock. Alternatively you can take a bus from Kadıköy, 8A and get off at Mandıra Caddesi or Ş.Er Bülent Altınsoy station. You can walk too, but keep in mind that it is uphill most of the time.

Kadıköy Daily Market

Picture of the nostalgic Kadıköy-Moda tram in Istanbul, Turkey.
Nostalgic tram Kadıköy. © ACP

If you can’t make it on a Tuesday, you can always visit the daily Kadıköy market. It’s a different experience, but not less enjoyable — and much closer to the pier. Cross the main street after leaving the ferry dock and make a right and then turn left. If you find yourself in car-free streets filled with shops, you’re there. It is a really laid-back place to walk or shop around in. There are also plenty of nice pastry shops, bookstores and cafés (with terraces) to recharge your batteries.


Picture of the famous cafe on the Moda quay in Kadıköy, Istanbul.
Moda quay. © VikiPicture

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with this part of the Asian side. Unlike other people, I don’t think it’s that spectacular, but when on the Asian side (and after visiting the market) I can’t seem to skip having a tea or coffee in Moda while overlooking the Sea of Marmara. You can walk all the way to Moda, but taking the nostalgic tram is more convenient — get off at the Moda stop.

The place I always go to is a café/restaurant at the Moda pier (Moda İskele). You can tell that the venue has had more glorious times in the past, but it remains a cool place to relax and enjoy the sea view (see picture).

Continue reading the second part of our favorite spots on Istanbul’s Asian side.

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Last updated on 03/07/2015